1)  Your Backing fabric -  Must be : 4 inches/10 Centimeters larger on all sides than the quilt top itself.
     See my links page for places to buy quality Batting.

These preparation steps will assist me in successfully quilting your quilt on the Gammill longarm machine:

1) Please attach quilt borders correctly.
   A poorly fitted border, either too short or too long, will probably cause tucks or puckering during the quilting process and you may be left with an uneven quilt finish.

2) Wadding  
    The backing and wadding needs to be 4 inches/10 Centimeters larger on all sides than the quilt top itself,
    so the quilt can be loaded correctly in to the Gammill Statler machine.

3) Please make your quilt is as flat and square as possible - a better result will be achieved - Please Iron the quilt before sending.
    Also when possible remove any frayed threads which may be visible on both sides of the quilt.
    Please remove all selvage edges from the fabric and quilt as well.
4) When deciding on your quilting design with me ;
    You will need to choose which pattern you want for the full edge to edge quilting effect. See my patterns page.  

5) Thread colour. Choose a colour that will compliment the current colours in the quilt design. But also a strong contrast can be just as effective. 
    Lay thread or fine colour samples on the quilt to see the effect as you decide.
    You may also include some samples when posting the quilt to me, so I can match them as close as possible.
    See my links page for a colour wheel sample.

6) Remember the final design and thread colour decided upon will also be influenced by the type of person who will be receiving the quilt.
    Their age and gender are two factors to take into consideration when trying to decide on patterns and styles.
    The owner of the quilt is responsible for the final decision of Pattern and Thread colour.

Please Contact me if you wish to talk about any aspects mentioned here.